The Company

The Story

Haziq Sahooman was set up by founder Hazmir Ramli, when he noticed that there was a gap in the need for well-designed and high quality traditional Malay menswear.  Upon leaving behind an established career, he set up his own company. In seeking a name for the venture, Hazmir looked to his family for inspiration.

The Meaning

‘Haziq’ means intelligence and skillful, representing the owner’s approach the venture and a desire to do better. ‘Sahooman’ is a tribute to the owner’s grandfather, Mr. Sahid Sahooman. A former three-term president for the Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura (PKMS), a community leader who believed in upholding Malay values and championed causes for the community’s benefit. It is the marriage of these two different but complementary ideas that drives what we do here.

The Reason

We offer exclusiveness in traditional Malay clothes. At its core, our brand is built on the belief that the quintessential Malay man is smart, refined, guided by a sense of duty to the community and that the Baju Melayu is simply a stylish extension of these noble qualities. By combining a modern approach to the sales process with innovatively designed Asian fabrics, we believe that you will enjoy our quality products and being part of a unique experience with us.

The Promise

We believe in establishing meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our clientele that go beyond transactions. We work directly with you to find out your personal preferences on designs, material and fit. We also welcome any queries and concerns you may have after your purchase. Even as trends and tastes evolve, our personalized service ensures that you will always look your best.